How to Start a WordPress Website

As a first-time user, you’re about to embark on a journey of creativity and expression. WordPress is your trusted companion, offering an intuitive platform that empowers you to create, customize, and manage your website with ease. Whether you’re launching a blog, an online store, or a portfolio, WordPress provides the tools and support you need to turn your vision into reality. Let’s dive in together and unlock the limitless possibilities of online storytelling.

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Choose a Hosting Plan

What is web hosting? Web hosting is a service to host all your files for your blog.

There are a lot of companies out there to host your website. We recommend Dreamhost to purchase your domain and hosting. Their service is excellent! They will help you with your problem immediately. I’ve been using their service since I started my business.

Dreamhost WordPress Hosting

Pick a suitable plan for your needs. For starter, you may want to use WordPress for new sites or DreamPress it’s up to your need.


Choose a Domain Name

After you pick a plan for your site, now it’s time to think about your domain name. The name is important because it reflects who you are and your website. Sometimes the perfect name that you want is already taken, so you have to brainstorm again and think of a new one. You have to check that you can get the domain name that you want before you decide to purchase it. Make sure the domain is not related to other people’s business names.

If you decide to purchase hosting from Dreamhost, the domain name is FREE.

Already own a domain elsewhere? No worry! You can just purchase the hosting (the free domain is still included!) and point your old domain name to your new hosting (I offer service to help you set it up, contact me for more detail).


Choose a Theme

Now that you have self-hosted WordPress, you can use any themes that you want.

After you purchase and finish the payment, you can download the theme from your account and download the file. You will receive a zip file and tutorial link to guide you to install the theme.